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In 2020, we launched Swing From Home as a way to connect volunteers from across the country to communities fighting for representation in areas that needed support in what would be the most consequential election of our lifetime.


It was a beautiful project that connected organizers, candidates, activists, artists, volunteers, grassroots donors, new voters, and community members, reaching over 500,000 people in a mass mobilization toward equity for all.

The last few years have existed In multitudes: unimaginable pain, deep catharsis, 

but always an education for those willing to look inward.


In unpacking Swing From Home’s impact and assessing its role in the future, 

it became clear that speaking with communities outside of our own, while valuable in a time of extreme disconnection,

was not the most authentic way to organize communities that had different ways of interpreting and applying 

the values that many of us share.

Rather than uniting under a blue platform that takes a one-size-fits-all approach to change,

we have decided to move forward guided by a value system rather than a party banner.


By centering intersectional representation, we hope that our community will feel empowered

to boldly stand behind historically underrepresented groups as we support their struggle to be heard.

During the last several years of organizing, we have been blessed

to have connected with individuals and groups that share in this vision.


We are thrilled to be working together on a new project: Generation WE

Generation we will support a slate of candidates that represent America today,

celebrating the beauty of Intersectionality and the American dream.


With an intentional focus on intersectional representation, ending the HIV epidemic, 

and the preservation of our democracy, Generation WE will continue to connect supporters to candidates and movements

that empower voices that have long been silenced.

Our gratitude knows no bounds.


To the volunteers, grassroots donors, for every dollar raised and phone call made,

you have given us hope that we can accomplish what sometimes seems impossible.


To the artists who donated time and talent during the most uncertain moment of our careers,

we are proud to be connected to people with such integrity and perspective.


And to the organizers, who work behind the scenes for everyone but themselves,

you have inspired us to move forward with our new initiative with clear direction and confidence.


Thank you.

Please join us in this effort at @GenWeNow, where we will continue to hold events,

virtual and in-person, to help realize our vision

of a safe, inclusive, and equitable world through political action.

Our work never stops.


We are Generation WE.