Here we need to:
Hold a U.S. Congress Seat

California is about as blue as it gets, of course, but there are still pockets that the blue wave could reach that would send good, progressive candidates to Washington. Between San Francisco and L.A., there are a lot of representatives that don't share the values we associate with California.

Let's change that.

U.S. Congress

This November, all of the U.S. Congress races will be re-run, as they are every even year.
Here's a candidate in California worth working at.

​Let's get to work.

  • Representing California's 21st Congressional District

  • Cox is running against the Republican that held this seat from 2014-2018, before Cox beat him and flipped the seat. 

  • 2018: D+0.8, 2016: R+14, 2014: R+16