Here we need to:
Flip the State House

Florida, Florida, Florida. What are we going to do with you...

With increased turnout this year, and a governor who did just about the worst job in controlling the spread of COVID-19 of anyone, there are major gains and major potential to be realized here. 

​Let's get it.

State House

Florida Republicans currently hold the State House, State Senate, and the Governor's office in Florida, and the only chance we have to make sure the maps are drawn fairly in 2021 will be to flip the State House. We'll need a blue wave to flip at least 10 seats to do it, so let's get started with these eight races.

  • This race was decided by under 2% after being unopposed for Republicans in the last many cycles

  • Thomas ​is a social justice warrior who is fighting for the abolition of private prisons

  •  2018: R+1.8, 2016: R-Unopposed, 2014: R-Unopposed

  • Patrick Henry lost this race by 61 votes in 2018

  • Henry held this seat until he was narrowly beaten in 2018,​ and worked to reform the mass incarceration system while in office

  •  2018: R+0.1, 2016: D+5

  • This district has been trending blue over the last few cycles

  • Among her many business achievements, Baker has franchised a cupcake company, a construction company, a funeral home, a bowtie line, a women's retail store, and a bartending school

  •  2018: R+2.5, 2016: R+25, 2014: R-Unopposed

  • Tracey is a mom to 3 daughters—Emma, Sofie, and Stella—and has been a criminal defense attorney for the past 30 years

  • Tracey was moved to join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America following the Parkland school shooting in February 2018

  •  2018: R+2, 2016: R-Unopposed

  • Bonfiglio lost this race by 30 votes in 2018

  • Morse is a vocal pro-choice Democrat in a district that's becoming more liberal on the issue of reproductive rights

  •  2018: R+0.1, 2016: R-Unopposed

  • Maureen was born in Nicaragua and immigrated to Miami at the age of seven.

  • Maureen currently serves as Director of Immigration Legal Services at Church World Service

  •  2018: R+0.8, 2016: R+5

  • Franccesca believes that a strong unemployment insurance system makes sure that all our citizens can survive times of hardship. 

  • When Franccesca was eight years old, she immigrated to America from Peru and settled in Miami. Since then, she has spent most of her life in District 115 and is a proud graduate of Miami-Dade Public School. She is also the first in her family to graduate from college.

  •  2018: R+1, 2016: R+7, 2014: R- Unopposed

  • Ricky is a proud Cuban American, the middle of three children raised in West Miami-Dade by a single mother and grandmother

  •  Ricky is Vice Chair of the Miami Dade Democratic Party. He is running for better health outcomes for his mother, and better economic outcomes for his working-class community.

  •  2018: R+1, 2016: D+0.4, 2014: R+6