Here we need to:
Flip the State House

Iowa voters are nothing if not informed.
With the first primary election occurring in their state, Iowans know the responsibility to have their finger on the pulse.
​This will be a good place to make gains.

​Let's get started.

State House

This November, all 100 seats in the Iowa State House are up for grabs. Right now, Republicans hold the House, 53-47 seats. 

​Democrats would need just 4 seats to flip that balance.
​Here are some races worth a looking at; ​all were decided by less than 600 votes. 

Let's go.

  • Pellant promises to reflect her upbringing, having grown up in a union household

  • Less than 10,000 people voted in this election in 2018

  • In 2018, Democrats missed stealing a seat here by 100 votes.

  • 2018: R+1, 2016: R+13, 2014: R+23

  • Phillips is promising to increase education spending in Iowa by a larger percent each year

  • ​This race was decided by just 800 votes in 2018.

  • ​​2018: R+4, 2016: R+13, 2014: R- Unopposed

  • Matson ousted Republican incumbent Kevin Koester in 2018

  • This district was decided by just 500 votes in 2018!

  • 2018: D+3, 2016: R+9, 2014: R+19

  • Derry took a break from campaigning to launch a "generosity campaign" to assist those in need during the crisis

  • This race was decided by less than 300 votes in 2018!

  • 2018: R+0.5, 2016: R+14, 2014: R+10

  • Koether vows to work from local issues outward, not taking money from out of state donors

  • This race was decided by 9 votes in 2018.

  • 2018: R+01, 2016: R+15, 2014: R+0.2

  • Williams attended out of state environmental conferences during his term to learn about what changes will be brought to Iowa ahead of time

  • This race was decided by less than 250 votes in 2018 for Democrats.

  • 2018: D+1.5, 2016: R+17, 2014: R+18

  • Froyum is running agains a 4-term incumbent in a flippable district

  • Less than 15,000 votes were cast in this election in 2018, in a district that needs small dollar donors and volunteers

  • 2018: R+13, 2016: R+19, 2014: R+17

  • Gjerde is a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense candidate, as is being endorsed by Swing Left

  • This race was decided by about 500 votes in 2018, and that was against a Republican incumbent. 

  • 2018: R+4, 2016: R+25, 2014: R+5

  • This race was decided by 37 votes in 2018. ​

  • This district contains a pivot county, which means the county voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 before voting for Trump in 2016

  • 2018: R+0.3, 2017: D+11, 2016: D- Unopposed

U.S. Senate

This November, rising conservative Joni Ernst was believed to be a lock. But a June poll suggests we could flip her seat with a strong candidate in Theresa Greenfield.

​Let's get to work.

  • Running against Joni Ernst, who ran the provocative "Make 'em Squeal" ad to win her seat in 2014

  • Greenfield is running on expanded Social Security, which is popular in Iowa, considering that 1/4 of seniors depend on it for their main source of income, and that seniors are 1/3 of voters in Iowa.

  • This article in The Atlantic outlines the close race in Iowa.