Here we need to:
Hold the State Senate
Flip a U.S. Senate Seat
Hold a U.S. Congress Seat

Maine has fluctuated a ton in the last several election years, especially in the state-wide races.

We have another opportunity for a U.S. Senate seat here from the controversial Susan Collins (R), as well as the state-legislature. 

Let's go.

State Senate

This November, Maine will need to hold the State Senate in order to draw fair maps in 2020.

Democrats need to hold a 4 seat majority to keep the State Senate.

  • Carpenter is a Vietnam veteran and son of potato farmers

  • ​This has been a close race for a long time, but always on the razor's edge for Democrats in 2018, the margin was less than 200 votes!

  • 2018: D+1, 2016:  D+5, 2014: R+1

  • ​Koch is focused on environmental sustainability, affordable health care, and education reform.

  • ​This race was decided by less than 150 votes in 2018! Every call/text counts!

  • 2018: R+0.8, 2016: R+7, 2014: R+10

  • Formerly a family physician

  • Claxton won this seat by just 250 votes in 2018, making it one of the closest in the state in a previously Republican stronghold.

  • 2018: D+1, 2016: R+23, 2014: R+17

  • Brenner was a midwife before running for office

  • This race was won by Democrats by less than 200 votes in 2018!

  • Contains a pivot county, who voted for Obama twice and Trump in 2016

  • 2018: D+0.8, 2016: R+19, 2014: R+6

U.S. Senate

This November, the U.S. Senate Seat belonging to Susan Collins (R) of Maine can be flipped for Democrats. 

Collins often pretends to side with Democrats on big senate votes for suspense (the Kavanaugh confirmation), but votes with Trump when it counts.

Let's elect Sara Gideon.

  • Running against Susan Collins, who voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

  • Collins is also seeking her fifth term... We need some fresh blood in her Senate seat.

  • Current polling suggests the race is about even.

U.S. Congress

This November, the U.S. Congress will be up for re-election, and there's a vulnerable Democrat in Maine that needs volunteers.

  • Maine's 2nd Congressional District contains 8 counties that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, and then Trump in 2016

  • Golden won this seat by 1% of the vote in 2018

  •  2018: D+1, 2016: R+9, 2014: R+5