Here we need to:
​Flip the State House
Hold a U.S. Senate Seat

Michigan had voted for the Democratic candidate for President for decades before 2016, when the combination of white, working class voters' animus toward politics as usual and Clinton's absence there on her campaign led to the state being flipped to Republicans.

Let's take it back at all levels.

U.S. Senate

This November, Gary Peters (D)'s U.S. Senate seat is up for re-election. 

​Peters is an incumbent running in a state that had voted blue for 20 years before flipping to Trump in 2016.

Let's get after it.

  •  Entered the Senate in 2015 

  • Introduced a bill to reallocate money from police departments to communities in need

  • Peters recently blasted Trump for not distributing nearly half of the available Coronavirus relief funding... click here to read more.

State House

The State House in Michigan is held by Republicans by a slim margin; 

Democrats would only need to flip three seats to take the chamber back. 

  • Pohutsky is an advocate for expanding civil rights legislation, especially to the LGBTQ+ community

  • Running against an unknown Republican challenger

  • This was another race that went blue in 2018 after being a Republican stronghold for many cycles, which indicates a distaste for Trump.

  • 2018: D+1, 2016: R+13, 2014: R+13

  • O'Neil lost a race for this seat by about 300 votes in 2018.

  • Extremely concerned about government transparency, O'Neil's priorities are anti-corruption and education.

  •  2018: R+0.8, 2016: R+9, 2014: R+7

MI-38: Pending Primary Results

  • Witwer flipped this seat in 2018 by a margin of just under 700 votes

  • Witwer has been a healthcare worker and a school board member in her community

  •  2018: D+1.5, 2016: R+8, 2014: R+0.4

  • Bree​n lost this race by just 600 votes in 2018, to the incumbent Republican who holds the seat now

  • In this increasingly blue district, Breen is prioritizing bipartisan cooperation as a legislator

  •  2018: R+1, 2016: R+15, 2014: R+25

  • This district used to lean heavily blue under a popular incumbent Democrat, but flipped nearly 30 points for Republicans in 2018

  • Janet's opponent, George Markkanen, won his primary in 2018 by 24 votes, and the general by 500 votes in a district that cast 35,000 ballots.

  •  2018: R+1, 2016: D+23, 2014: D+21

  • This district has been on the margin for the GOP, coming within 1500 votes in 2018

  • Morse is a vocal pro-choice Democrat in a district that's becoming more liberal on the issue of reproductive rights

  •  2018: R+3, 2016: R+5, 2014: R+6

  • Padma is extraordinarily involved in he community, having served as a PTA leader, ​Board President of the Troy Historic Society, and a founding member of Troy Interfaith.

  • Padma represents a changing tide in ​demographic representation, something sorely needed in the midwest.

  •  2018: D+2, 2016: R+13, 2014: R+11

  • Pulver is a nurse with both bedside and boardroom experience, and an advocate for universal health care and an expert in public health.

  • She's running against a first-time incumbent who has fought the Governor as she tries to keep Michiganders safe, refusing to wear a mask or social distance himself.

  • 2018: R+12, 2016: R+8, 2014: R+5