Here we need to:
Flip the Governor's Office

Missouri is a state that is heavily red, but this Governor's race is critically important; you can read why below.

Let's get do our thing.


This November, the Governor's Office in Missouri is up for election, after the Governor elected in 2016 was forced out over sexual misconduct allegations. Missouri Republicans hold the State House and State Senate, so we need the Governor's seat to avoid maps being redrawn to the GOP's liking.

​This is a big one. Let's fight.

  • Running against incumbent Republican Mike Parson

  • This race is so important. If Republicans hold this office, they will be able to gerrymander the maps in Missouri to their liking and prevent fair representation of the African American community there. We have to work hard here.

  • Read here about how Missouri has expanded voting by mail. We can start pestering people now!