Here we need to:
​Flip a U.S. Senate Seat
Hold the Governor's Office

Montana is not as red as you think. Steve Bullock, the Governor there, vacated his seat in 2020 to run for President, and is now running for U.S. Senate.
We need him to win, and to fill his seat with another Democrat.

Let's do our thing.

U.S. Senate

This November, Steve Bullock is running for a U.S. Senate seat, after vacating his post as Governor to run for President in 2020. We need to flip the Senate, and this is a seat that will be competitive.
​​We have work to do.

  • Running against incumbent Republican Senator Steve Daines.

  • You may remember Steve Bullock from the 2020 presidential primary

  • Democrats were within a few percentage points in taking this seat the last time it was up, and even almost snagged a Senate seat in an election in 2018. We're on the brink.


This November, the incumbent Governor, Steve Bullock ​has left his seat up for re-election.
We have to keep it Democratic for the people of Montana to have fair maps in the coming decade.


Let's do it!

  • Running against Greg Gianforte (R), and also two third party candidates

  • Montana politics is unique in that people often don't vote for their party up and down the ticket. This seat isn't safe just because it was left by a popular Democrat.

  • Cooney the lietenant governor now (think Vice governor), so he has the experience necessary to make change.