Here we need to:
Flip the State House
Flip a U.S. Congress Seat

Pennsylvania was a Democratic bet until 2016, but with Biden's popularity there, we could do some real work.

Flipping the State House would do a huge service to expanding rights in Pennsylvania.

Let's go.

State House

This November, Pennsylvania will need to flip the State House in order to draw fair maps in 2021.
Democrats need to flip a handful of seats to keep the State House.

  • Knoll is campaigning on raising the minimum wage and funding public education

  • ​This is a small district, with about 75,000 votes cast in 2018

  • 2018: D+4, 2014: R+23

PA-105: Brittney Rodas

  • In addition to her Master's and Bachelor's degrees, Rodas also has a certificate in Diversity Studies

  • This seat went from unopposed by Democrats to within 500 votes in 2018

  • 2018: R+1.5, 2016: R- Unopposed, 2014: R+30

  • Spilling supports Fair Funding PA, which is an organization working to guarantee fair school funding throughout the state of Pennsylvania

  • Only about 30,000 people voted in this election in 2018

  • 2018: R+2, 2016: R- Unopposed, 2014: R- Unopposed

  • Ciamacca is a gun sense candidate, among other equitable and sensible ideas

  • When we help Deb get elected, she'll be the first woman elected in her district

  • 2018: R+1.5, 2016: R+13, 2014: R+15

  • Mitchell's priorities include cleaning up infrastructure in the state as well as tackling the opioid epidemic with therapeutics and understanding of addiction

  • This district could trend blue and be a great pick-up for Democrats in a blue wave

  • 2018: R+1.5, 2016: R+23, 2014: R- Unopposed

U.S. Congress

This November, the U.S. Congress will be up for reelection.
This is a great seat to target to flip for Democrats.
Let's elect Eugene DePasquale.

  • Representing Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District

  • DePasquale sees the worth in fighting for campaign finance reform, as well as more transparency in government

  • Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has endorsed DePasquale

  • 2018: R+3, 2016: R+40, 2014: R+38