Here we need to:
Flip the State Senate

Texas has been urbanizing and re-organizing for what seems like forever, with an increasingly diverse population and more and more Democratic leadership and infrastructure.

​While the state will probably still go red this year, the State Senate is worth flipping.

​Let's get to work.

State Senate

This November, 16 seats in the Texas State Senate are up for grabs. Republicans hold the chamber 19-11 right now, so 5 seats should do it.

​These 4 seats are held by Republicans who ran unopposed in 2018. They won't know what hit them...

Let's get flipping.

  • Looking to bring a fresh, diverse perspective to Texas as a young woman in politics​

  • Previously uncontested by Democrats

TX-4: Jay Stittleburg

  • Fighting special interest groups and a former Veteran, Stittleburg is a strong candidate!

  • Previously uncontested by Democrats

  • Endorsed by Pro-Choice groups and Black Democratic caucuses in Texas

  • Previously uncontested by Democrats

TX-12: Shadi Zitoon

  • ​Progressive advocate for funding education and previously ignored communities

  • ​​Previously uncontested by Democrats