Here we need to:
Hold a U.S. Congress Seat

Virginia holds their state legislature elections in odd years, so their chambers are safe for now.
But there's a seat in Congress that we need to hold.
Let's get after it.

U.S. Congress

This November, the House of Representatives will hold elections nation-wide as they do every even year, and there's a vulnerable seat that Democrats took in 2018 that we need to hold onto.
​We have work to do.

  • Representing Virginia's 7th Congressional District

  • There were more than 8 candidates in the Republican primary for this race, so hopefully the unity behind Spanberger will keep her in her seat with our help.

  • Spanberger took this seat from incumbent Republican David Brat in 2018 by a narrow margin, where it was once a Republican stronghold. This suggests distaste for Trump.

  • 2018: D+1.9, 2016: R+15, 2014: R+24