Here we need to:
Flip a U.S. Congress Seat
​Hold a U.S. Congress Seat
Flip two U.S. Senate Seats

Georgia has been the center of a lot of voter suppression controversy, with long lines and closed polling places contributing to a suppressed turnout in many minority communities. New Democratic hero Stacey Abrams facilitated a voter initiative that led to the highest turnout ever in a Georgia primary in 2020.

Let's get them elected in the general.

U.S. Congress

This November, all of the U.S. Congress races will be re-run, as they are every even year.
​There are two races in Georgia worth noting.
​Let's get to it.

  • Representing Georgia's 6th Congressional District

  • ​​Republican opponent Handel squeaked out a victory here in 2017 over current Senate candidate Jon Osoff. She was beaten in 2018 by McBath, and she'll be beaten again in 2020!

  • 2018: D+1, 2016: R+2.5, 2014: R+23

  • Representing Georgia's 7th Congressional District

  • Bourdeaux lost this seat narrowly in 2018, as in by less than 500 votes in an election where over 250,000 votes were cast. Let's go.

  • 2018: R+0.2, 2016: R+21, 2014: R+31

U.S. Senate

This November, Georgia is the only state to be running both Senate elections.

We have an opportunity to flip both seats and make serious gains in the national fight for justice.
Let's go.

  • Running against incumbent David Perdue (R)

  • Osoff narrowly lost a historically expensive race for Congress in 2017, making him a national figure for his close race in GA-6.

  • Newcomer to politics with progressive ideas, Osoff is a strong contender for this very important seat.

  • Running against incumbent Kelly Loeffler (R), and Doug Collins (R)

  • Republican incumbent Loeffler is currently under investigation for selling all her stock before the markets crashed due to COVID-19.

  • Senior pastor at a Baptist Church for 15 years! Diversify the Senate!