Connecting volunteers to

campaigns at all levels

Taking back our democracy at all levels


Swing From Home is connecting remote volunteers to campaigns that need them at the state level and beyond.


Image by Dyana Wing So

Our Mission

2020 has challenged our will and realized our worst fears while inspiring an urgent commitment to equality that few of us have seen in our lifetimes. With the pandemic making this election more unconventional than ever, Swing from Home is offering an opportunity to get involved with state-wide races that need our army of volunteers and grassroots fundraising.

Join us in claiming our majority, and taking back our democracy at all levels.


State legislatures, which are made up of state house, state senate, and governor's seats, write and pass the laws that are upheld in their states. Think "state's rights." But once every 10 years, state legislatures become perhaps the most important offices of government.

Parties with control of their state-level governments get a unique opportunity: to redraw the legislative maps in their states...

Democracy does not trickle down from the top. It is built from the bottom-up.

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