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how it works.

On our Elections page, you will find a list of states with competitive races in 2020.

But before you start contributing, make sure you're register to vote.

It takes two minutes; do it right now!

Each candidate has a Volunteer button, which will take you directly to that candidate's volunteer field. You can sign up for volunteer updates there.

The Direct Donate button will take you to that candidate's donation page, where you can chip in to help their campaign.

You can also visit our Upcoming Opportunities page, where we will be updating you with chances to volunteer and meet the candidates.

why now?

By focusing our efforts in these districts, we will:

meaningfully move the needle in these smaller races, make real change at the state level, guarantee fair representation for underrepresented communities for the next decade,
and add to the groundswell of voters who will unite to defeat Donald Trump.

2020 has challenged our will and realized our worst fears,
while inspiring an urgent commitment to equality that few of us have seen in our lifetimes. We have a unique opportunity to harness that energy. 


Democracy does not trickle down from the top. It is built from the bottom. Join us in taking back our democracy at all levels.